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Talking with some friends on Facebook (yes where else would I be talking with them?) I asked why people don’t have time to get together with other people these days.  Why do studies show that people have less close friends than they used to?

Several people mentioned that back in 85 when the original study was done, there was no internet.  If people wanted to connect to people, they sure weren’t using Facebook.  You could call, write, or…..call, write, or just walk over there and see the person.

While I love how Facebook has brought me together with friends, and helped me reconnect with people whom I had completely and totally lost touch with…I don’t like the way we are feeling disconnected more and more, when you would think with the world getting smaller, we’d feel more connected.

So in the spirit of encouraging true connection I offer these suggestions for us all — including myself.

1.  Buy a small package of note cards.

2. Buy the stamps the go with them.

3. Write a card to a friend you haven’t seen in a while, a relation, heck someone you have just seen!

4. Enjoy the opportunity to talk to the clerk at the store or post office.

5. Take a walk.  Hope you see actual neighbors and can say hello to them.

6. Use the telephone.  Pick it up and call someone.  Keep calling until you find someone who answers their phone, and then, have a conversation with them that has no emoticons in it.

7. Go outside on your lunch break instead of using the internet.

8. Call a friend and invite her to join you for lunch.

9. Spend time with other people working on a common cause.

10. Call someone and invite them to come over for dinner or games.

Maybe it just takes the effort to step away from the screen…which I promise I will do in just a moment…and focus on the person right in front of you.

That’s where I’m going now.



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