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The Future Came In   Leave a comment

Yesterday was a big day in my life.

Nothing major actually happened, but two things transpired that are landmarks for me.

First, I found out that my oldest son, Zach, has been accepted to study entomology at Ohio State University.

Second, I talked with my mom and she told me that she and Dad have spent enough time here in Louisville that they have decided to move here, and they will be looking for a house soon.  They aim to find a place and make a down payment before they even leave to go back to Denver and sell their house there.

So…I am now officially promoted to a new phase of life.  I can no longer continue living in the delusion that I am a young mother.  I keep feeling like I’m a young mother…I still don’t always know what to do in parenting situations.  I don’t feel like it’s been all that long since my second child was born.  But….all these facts tell me I actually must be middle-aged.  (Well, honestly, there are quite a few other factors that have tipped me off that I’m middle-aged, but we’re just talking surface facts here.)

Mom and Dad will be moving to Kentucky from Denver because they want to be near us as they get older.  So that means they really are getting older, and they are serious about taking proactive steps to make things easier later.  I’ve already told them they have a lot of courage to make a move like this at the ages of 77 and 73.  I know they will find all kinds of good things to get involved with here, and it will be wonderful to see so much more of them, and for them as well, to get to see their grandchildren on a regular basis, instead of once or twice a year.  Still, it’s a huge shift to my thinking to have us all be at this point.

And for my kid.  I’ve homeschooled for the past almost 13 years, wiped his butt, held his hand, made his dinner, all the while never realizing there was an end point in view.  I just couldn’t see it.

But that acceptance letter has made the exit perfectly clear.  And it’s just unbelievable.

Yesterday, the door opened, and let the future in.


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