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keeps on rolling past me.  Dad and Mom are packed up and loading the truck tomorrow.  My dad and uncle will be arriving after a trip that takes them through five states brings their stuff to their new home, a retirement community on the south side of our metro area.  They may need our help unloading on Friday, since Mom is taking the scenic route and bringing her college roommate with her a few days later.  But they are going to be settled in nearby, soon, so we can give them a hand whenever it’s needed from here on out, after  living quite independently hundreds of miles away for the past 28 years.

Can this really be happening to me already?

My youngest has orthodontia in his mouth, due to needing more space to eliminate the cross bite the dentist pointed out last fall.  He just turned 9, for Pete’s sake!

Already?  The baby has an orthodontia bill?  and not to mention the one belonging to the middle child.

I’ve got a box in my closet with 1) graduation invitations 2) graduation announcements 3) a diploma and 4) a cap and gown that all refer to my oldest as someone who is graduating or has graduated, please join us for a celebration the evening of blah blah following will be cake and punch.

I swear, the last time I turned around he did NOT have abundant impressive sideburns!

When did this happen?

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

The one thing I don’t want to start doing is to tell sleep deprived new moms to “enjoy these days, they go by so fast.”

Even if it is true.


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