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In 8 more days, I get to see my boy again.

And no, I’m not counting down.  At least I haven’t been the entire time he’s been gone.  Nope — when I saw that it was three plus months between now and then, I definitely chose not to mess with  my head by counting down.

But now that it’s less than two weeks away I confess that is how my brain works each day when I look at the calendar for the days’ events, usually just to check and see that I’m not missing anything important.

My brain then goes, “10 more days til we see Zach,” or however many more days it is, of its own volition.

This fall has gone well with school, bypassing my traditional “Start of Term Meltdown,” for which all involved are grateful.  At this point I don’t worry that I can’t possibly help the kids learn this year.  So much the better.  We’ve enjoyed fall, the kids are both moving forward with their work, and re-grouping is starting to make sense to Beren.  Helena has archery practice every Monday night, and scouts every other week, and Beren has participated in two STEM classes at the local science center downtown.

So we’ve been busy enough that we haven’t been completely lost without Zach, but almost every day, what Zach does, did, thinks, said or would say, comes up in conversation amongst the four of us.

Just tonight, Beren was putting plates out on the table, and started off, “Mom there aren’t enough–Oh.”  So, we still haven’t fully adjusted to not being five people.

And the closer we get to the first reunion after Zach left for college, the more I think about him.  Even though he is now officially a Pimento Loafed Iguana Man, and not just a Youth-Man-Thingie.  Maybe he’s both.

Anyway, we’ll sure be glad to see him.

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