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Beren was awake at about 5 a.m. yesterday.

That beats his Christmas records cold.  He was so excited about road tripping to pick his older brother Zach up at his dorm and bring him home from college for Thanksgiving, that he was awake as early as he’s ever been awake.

I saw the light coming in my door from downstairs when I rolled over but I was like I am not going down there, I’m going back to sleep.  So I did, and thankfully Beren and all my kids have been well-trained to not wake up mama before 7 a.m.  I was able to get more sleep and so, he said, was he, as he dozed a while on our soporific brown couch under our softest throw.

It was a long day, but a happy one for us, as we all undertook the trip to retrieve Zach, a lot of his stuff that can’t stay in the dorm over Christmas vacation, and his debilitated bike, which looked so much so, that when the guys got it loaded onto the bike rack of the van, it was decorated with a cheerful pink tag letting Zach know it was about to be impounded.  But! it was spared that last indignity by being rescued by Dad (who is now going to show Zach how to be Bicycle Repairman so he won’t have to be Bicycle Repairman).

It was a great reunion.

Zach looked at me and said, “Have you shrunk? Because you’re shorter than I remember.” and I replied, “You look taller than I remember!” and then we both laughed.

We didn’t hit a ridiculous amount of traffic on the way home, it looked just like regular rush hour.  Thankfully we were back home around 8:45, heating up leftover soup, hauling in tubs of Zach’s stuff, and with the cats giving Zach their seal of approval again.  It looks like they both remember him.

And later when I was getting ready for bed, I  heard something I hadn’t heard for so long and didn’t expect–the sound of the piano being played downstairs.

Refreshing, as after a drought of several months.

The only other thing I seem to be obsessed about at the moment is this–I keep thinking, “He has got to get a haircut!”

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