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I have a friend whose blog salutes me every morning, or whenever I download my messages, with an email alerting me to a new blog entry.  House of Bourbon is ready to tell me something and it’s kind of fun to find out what’s on her mind, on so regular a basis.

As for me, I’ve written maybe 12 blog entries over the past two years.  But I think now that there are some creative juices not tied up with the college admissions process, not to mention hours of time tied up with that, I might actually have something to say.  I can feel the urge to write coming on.  Only problem is so many of the things I do are already computer based….so I will have to keep finding a place that’s balanced.

I think my realization has been that I don’t have to write about something big, stunningly intellectual or unique.  I don’t have to wait for a truly outstanding blog idea to hit me.

It’s OK to just write about something that happened that day.

It will all come together when I just start tippity-tapping.

So hopefully you’ll hear from me more often.

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