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This morning I got up when I was ready and made chocolate peanut butter muffins for the crew.

These were met with acclaim even by my oldest who prefers foods with actual sugar in them, accept no substitutes, so he will be going back to college with some muffins.

Greg and I cuddled on the couch looking out the living room window to our pond.  It was good to just take the time to be together; we weren’t really talking about anything.

Some friends came over around lunch time and hung out for about an hour.

The kids and I affixed return address labels to our Christmas card envelopes.  I started working on them, and then Helena said, “Oh can I help?” and Beren was like “Me too!” so we all had a stack of envelopes and a sheet of stickers.

I took Zach to get a haircut and there was maybe a gallon Ziploc bag worth of hair on the floor.  We joked that it looked big enough to gain sentience and begin moving around the floor as a small mammal.

Helena, Zach and I walked down to the creek behind our house to admire the icicles that have formed on the cliffs and are dripping downward.  The ice on the surface and near the creek is always fascinating to look at.

Back at the house, I  made lentil stew and scones for dinner.  Now people are sitting around reading, drawing, studying for finals, and watching M.A.S.H as their preferences dictate.

And I’m getting ready to do some drafts of the Christmas letter.

I was lying on the floor resting my back, thinking “I am so blessed.  What a great day.”

So I thought I’d write that thought down….

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