“There have been a few changes since you left” — written November 25   2 comments

This is what I may end up saying to Zach when he gets home on Wednesday.  When he left for college in August, while I felt that over three months was a long time to be apart, I didn’t think that anything here would really change.  I anticipated that he would be the one changing.

While I feel sure he has changed, taking in his 18th birthday, handling all daily responsibilities for life, health, classes and planning for international travel himself, since he’s been gone, I am surprised to note quite a few things here that have changed.

We’ve actually moved some furniture around, got a different tablecloth, built something for the cats to climb on.

The dry erase board in our school room, which was command central for Zach and Helena’s school assignments, is now command central for Helena and Beren’s assignments.

The garden of course is finished, and the 10 foot tall okra stocks have been chopped down.  The morning glories, which were in fine form when he left, have frozen, died and been removed from the trellis.

There’s construction on the way to church that has emptied out a lot and it looks really different.

Other things too…..I suspect that Greg and I look just a tiny bit older than we did when he left.

Helena and Beren are probably taller.

How they spend their time each day is pretty similar to when he left, but not entirely since Helena is doing new activities that take her away from home more, and Beren has branched out to take a few science classes, and he was pretty grown up in them I am happy to say.

You wouldn’t think that much would change in a little over three months, but I suspect it has.  Time never stands still, even when you think it is.

I know that although in many ways we are the same, and our relationship will be the same, I will find that there are some subtle differences.  After all we are not on the same daily life track.  He’s doing different things than I am every day, and as much as I’d like to be involved in that out of interest and love, it is not possible, nor should it be.

One thing I am sure of that I’ve learned in the last few years.

I will not take for granted any particular gathering of people, thinking, “Oh well, there’ll be another day like this one.”

I used to think that, not any more.

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2 responses to ““There have been a few changes since you left” — written November 25

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  1. Do you think Helena and Beren have changed? I notice a distinct maturing in Xavier when Gabriel is gone. Gabriel is just so much in charge, and it is hard for him not to micromanage his brothers. When he is gone, the other two sort of step up to the plate more in terms of maturity.

  2. Yes, I do! I hadn’t thought to mention that specifically, but you’re right, and it kind of sums up what has happened, which was unexpected for me. Shouldn’t have been, I guess, but!

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