You Gotta Love a Cat When He Wants It   Leave a comment

You know how cats are.  It has to be their idea.

So, I try to roll with that, remembering it’s good practice for kids as well.  Who knows what time of day or night someone will really need to talk to me about something or need to be held or need something because they’re sick.

I sit up in bed this morning and a gray shadow comes trotting briskly into my room to join the other gray shadows.

He’s rubbing against my legs and purring vigorously.

I get my socks, slippers and robe on and make my way to the bathroom.  I never like to turn on a bright light first thing so Boris continues to be nearly invisible.  I can feel him when he bumps into my legs in an effort to either trip me or be affectionate, of course.

But it’s when I sit on the toilet that the Lovefest really warms up.

He flops all over the floor purring, rubbing back and forth on my hand as I pet him.

Then eventually it’s up to my “lap,” such as it is, and he flops out, pressing his head toward my hand for the required chin and whisker scratch, purring all the while.  This is his time of day to demand my attention, so I do my best to give it.

Although it’s a bit difficult to concentrate on my business.

But we like to keep the cat happy, and ourselves happy at the same time.

I just told Boris I’m writing about him and he’ll be immortal.  He’s not impressed, he just wants his breakfast now.

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