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It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote anything.  I was on a roll there and didn’t expect to slow down, but the past two weeks have sped by.

Why is it that I thought there wouldn’t be much going on during our Christmas vacation?  Because there really wasn’t anything major.  We stopped regular appointments and activities and just focused on spending time with family.  And that is what we did!  It was a wonderful two weeks with Zach home from the 22nd to today.  Now that my parents live only 35 minutes away we enjoyed their company four different times during the two weeks, including an overnight at our house for Christmas Eve.

Then we took a road trip Christmas Day to see the other side of the family and had 24 hours with them, followed by Grandma and Greg’s oldest brother returning with us for a couple more days of visiting.

Then there was the hike at the new trail system in our area with giant sycamore trees by the river, and the Hobbit movie.  We spent an afternoon with friends from our former homeschool co-op.

It really didn’t leave much time for anything but preparing food, eating, cleaning up, visiting and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

Hence no blog entries whatsoever.

I hadn’t planned on that.  I thought I would be scrapbooking, reading, blogging and making candles, in addition to the Christmas festivities, but maybe that wasn’t realistic.  It was more important to just live and enjoy, and that’s what I did.

I do think having Zach home for two weeks, that I thought in advance was a long period of time, also made it go by even faster, as much as I tried to slow it down with my mind powers.

It never works.

And now I’m trying to adjust.  Tomorrow we start back to school, Zach at college and the youngers at home.  This is my first post-Christmas, back to school, where one is gone again.  Not crazy about that experience at this point.  Hoping it will get better.

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