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Silence here for a while and I guess for the time being, I have run out of steam.  I still have great ideas — I just don’t feel like blogging them.

It might be because back to school was winter back to school.  And although I personally prefer snow to looking at grey and brown and tan for four months…and I grew up in Alaska and Montana where I learned to love snow…and I still love snow…

I’m at the point many others are at where I feel like, enough snow already!

I think what I am feeling, may be what they call cabin fever.

I am ready to feel softer breezes and to hear the sound of running water outdoors.

I’d love to hear the spring peepers.

It’s just not that time yet.

It is the time that parents everywhere can relate to, the middle of February, when we are just ready for something different.

It could be a lot worse.  It’s just harder to be content with things as they are this time of year.  Working on that.

Posted February 12, 2014 by swanatbagend in gratitude, waiting

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