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That’s how long it took.

I finished a great week last night.  Somehow, despite my efforts to have social occasions spread throughout the weeks and months, I had five get-togethers with important people in the last seven days.  It made an extremely enjoyable week for me, however, and since we were on winter break, I was doubly able to enjoy it.

In fact it was probably the nicest basic week that I’ve had since we moved here in 2006.

Last summer I realized that I was no longer lost when trying to get somewhere, no longer at loose ends either at church or in general as far as picking up conversations and seeing friends.  Sure there are always slow times, but something was different.

I know how to cut through neighborhoods and take the short cuts.  I know that if I cut through on English Station, I’ll end up at Shelbyville Road.  I have an intuitive sense of which way to go in the city, that is actually right, thankfully.

And while I don’t usually see that many friends in a week, and I don’t get to see them often, due to living the country life which means that my social interactions are of the Pioneer Woman Quilting Bee frequency, I do have friends that I see on a regular basis and not only that,  friends with whom I have actual history.

That’s it then, many of them are no longer new friends.

And there are things about the city that I want to share with people who come to visit.  So that means that finally, after seven years, this place finally feels like home.

And I’m thinking, doggone it, it took long enough!

I had no idea when we moved here that it would be like that.  I’m an expert mover and I know how to make friends, so I assumed that, after a year or two of basic effort, we would have a network of friends and feel like we belonged.

But that did not happen.

I’ve given that situation way more thought than it deserves and still don’t really have an answer beyond a few thoughts.  I mainly think that our culture has become much more disconnected and busy and fragmented during the 90s and early 200os than I realized.  So that by the time we moved, after twelve years in one county, things were truly really different, and I was not prepared for the sheer amount of effort and work it takes to develop one single ongoing friendship.

So, 7 years.

It wasn’t ideal, but I certainly have a high level of appreciation for the friends I now have.

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