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What is with this re-entry thing?   It hit me Monday morning, first thing, and it almost makes me wish I hadn’t gone on a vacation.

I know it isn’t just me, because while on my vacation I talked with a mother of 9 about this very thing.  The routine, the stress, the feeling that gee I should be rested and refreshed, but why am I just so darn crabby now that I am back home?

It was a very peaceful vacation also.  It was camping, which involves a certain amount of work that you don’t have at home, but it’s all basic, physical stuff, that is great because it empties my mind of any worries back home.  I usually find it difficult to follow an intellectual thread to its conclusion when I am camping.

Need I say, I love that.  It’s a really nice change from normal life.

So we ate, we went out to the beach, we hung out with friends, roasted s’mores, beached, slept, napped, rested, ate, and repeated.  Not too stressful.

So I know I didn’t overdo it.

And all I had to do the last two days were 1. ride back and 2. make dinner and 3. help set up and break camp.  Easy.


Why am I so tired and crabby this week?  Did I do something wrong?

What can I do differently?

I’m lying down each day for a while.  I’m not doing anything extra that we don’t normally do.

And then there is the usual question I keep asking, each morning, just like I always do after returning from a trip.  (And just as regularly, I forget before I go that this annoying phase will occur when I get back.)

The question is….why do I feel so crabby?

I suspect I only have another couple of days and we’ll be okay again.   Just wish I could skip the whole re-entry transition.

I think a week at the beach would be just the ticket, right about now.

Posted April 11, 2014 by swanatbagend in mental health

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