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Sometimes it’s fun to look backwards purely for the amusement of gauging what your reaction would have been, 20 years in the past, if you had been given information about your present situation.

“What on earth?”

“I’d never do that.”

“I can’t do that!”

“I can’t believe that!” would be among the reactions I would probably have had then if you had told me with certainty that I would be doing certain things in my future.

Growing up in the west and not a particular fan of sticky heat, Florida is not a state that I would have thought I’d prefer as a relaxation destination.

However, starting in April 2008, we have gone to a lovely beach in the panhandle.  It’s not touristy and built up and there is a beautiful state park there.  The beaches are not remotely busy and there is so much wildlife we see something new every time we go.  We go in early spring, so it is still comfortable.  And there are hot showers and electricity so I can have a fan on the rare days when it really does get hot and not just warm.  So, I’ve now been to a place repeatedly, that wasn’t even on my radar as a destination ten years ago.  And I’m so glad.

Same way with parenthood.

If a seer could tell you in advance, you will have x number of kids with x and y problems and you will homeschool every single one of them through high school graduation, you would run screaming into the night.

Or just give up entirely on the whole idea of having children.  I know I would have.

“That’s way more than I can handle.  I”m a coward (still am) and I know I cannot do that.  That is some other woman you’re thinking of.”

But thankfully, we don’t get a preview.  We just get to live it — and it is just one day at a time.

Or “one step at a time,” my favorite helpful life saying that my oldest son hates.

It may be annoying but I still think it’s true.  And thank heavens for that.



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