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Greg grilled bratwurst for dinner last night, and I made potato salad and asparagus. We had baked beans as a side.  Mom and Dad came to celebrate with us.

We inaugurated a new era in ice cream making here because last summer Dad gave me the hand crank ice cream maker we had when I was a kid and provided a new bucket to go with it.  So we broke it in last night making vanilla ice cream, all taking turns cranking it.  It really does taste better when you have to work to make the ice cream happen.  I also have to say that if you substitute heavy cream for the portion of the recipe that calls for half and half, so that you then have almost all cream, and just a tiny bit of milk that you warmed in order to dissolve the salt and sugar, it really is an improvement.  I don’t think I’ll even bother with half and half in the future.  It was the best homemade ice cream I’ve ever eaten.

And then Mom made Grandma’s hot chocolate sauce recipe and we had that over the ice cream, and more whipped cream on top.

Games ensued afterwards including chicken foot dominoes, which, OK, I have to admit, is fun, if stupid.  I never even got to play on my train the whole time we played the first round.  Everyone else kept playing on it but every time it got back to me it was always a number I didn’t have.  Then I attempted to continue what used to be my winning streak in regular dominoes but I was sitting to the left of my oldest son with few to no copiers and was wildly outscored by said son.  Alas, for my glory days have passed me by.

After half of us were in bed and Mom and Dad had gone home, I went outside, and witnessed the party tree by the pond decorated in winking firefly lights.  It’s a large tree and it was flickering all over magically.

Amongst all the rest, it’s worth noting evenings like this — and that’s why I wrote all this down.

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