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Must — stop — picking — blueberries!

Cannot make self stop picking blueberries.  It’s just too easy.

There is something so satisfying about feeling a ripe berry come off in you hand, and then seeing it drop into your bucket.

Or even better as my experience today at Blueberry Hill Farm north of New Castle, Kentucky, where I got to experience that repeatedly, and at times had up to 6 or 7 berries in one hand as I pulled them off the loaded bushes.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many ripe berries in clusters as I did this morning.  There are at least two varieties being picked now, and it was a good morning, not too hot, and with some cloud cover.  My daughter and I gathered two gallons in about 75 minutes of picking.

I had brought a folding stool and I would set it up in one spot and literally could pick for probably ten minutes without having to move it, the bushes were that loaded.  My daughter filled up two-thirds of a gallon bucket purely from one large bush!

Now that we’re back home and have sampled our work, the flavor is really good also.

Sigh…what a lovely way to spend a morning.  And now I’m thinking of all the great things I can make with them, besides of course the basic pleasure of just eating a nice sweet chilled blueberry.  I’m making crisp tonight, crepes for tomorrow morning.  I also love just blueberries in slightly melted vanilla ice cream. That’s how my grandmother and I used to eat them on a hot evening in Oklahoma City when I was there for my summer visit.

Anyway, if you’d like the pleasure of the easiest berry picking you’ve seen in a while, here is the website for the berry farm I went to this morning.



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