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Last night I experienced some of the joy and wonder that cell phones can provide.

I had left for an arts event at a local nature preserve at 6:15.  We arrived early, my daughter set out her art, we chatted with the organizer and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Then sometime after the program started, with music and people reading from their work, I noticed I had a phone message I had somehow missed.  Probably I missed it because my phone is over 8 years old and “reception” with it is pretty sporadic.

I listened to the message when I could, to find that my youngest child was experiencing distress because he had lost the directions for Lincoln log building which he had been referring to for the past week. I was to call back and give any ideas of where the paper could be.

I checked with the family members I had with me.

No one had touched the piece of paper in question.

I called my son back and made a few suggestions and sympathetic noises, then went back to listening to the program.

Later, we went for a walk on one of the nature trails, back into the woods where all we could hear were a few bugs and the far off sound of music from the event.

There, I got a phone message from my husband, saying my son was still upset, did I know where the directions were, did the other kids know, etc., and to please call him back.  As soon as my phone found a stretch of path with some bars, I stopped, called, and explained that I didn’t know, but sympathized.

Then, as we were heading back to the venue, to get my daughter’s art and pack it up, the phone rang again.  My son, still sobbing, wanted to know when I would be home.  I told him I was on my way.  Every time my phone rang, I was hoping it was to tell me that the instructions had been found….but not so.

When we got home, he was reading a book with his dad, the tears at bay for the moment.  I discreetly ruffled through the papers in the recycle bin, not expecting to find anything.

Then on to the room where the item had disappeared.  I saw a flashlight sitting near the couch, and guessing it had already been used, decided to give it another go and look  under the sofa.  Pressing my head sideways to the hardwood floor, I attempted to shine the light in the fairly narrow slit that is the space under an old sleeper sofa.  And, there in the murky depths…was a piece of wrinkled paper.  Could this be what we all sought?

I got a yard stick and after about a minute of pushing and scratching it around, got the paper within reach of my fingertips.

Success.  What was lost had been found.  My directions and suggestions had not produced the desired results;  my looking did.

I was pleased to have been Mom the Great, Who has Found the Instructions.  It’s always nice to be essential.

Or is it?




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  1. 🙂 Oh my, working has completely changed the way I interact with the older two during the day when I’m away. The youngest, though, still calls to ask inane questions. One day, he will grow up, and I will be thankful that he still calls for insignificant reasons.

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