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Last week I decided to take advantage of the time of year and the wonderful cool weather and go pick blackberries.  I wanted enough to make a batch of jam and some blackberry lemonade.  I asked my mother if they wanted to come and she said “not interested.”

But then when she checked with my dad, he changed her mind for her.  And they came out and met us at the berry patch, where we found more than enough berries to collect fourteen pounds amongst the five of us, despite the hard winter here, which killed off a great many canes.

Then when my youngest begged his grandmother to come back to the house with us, she succumbed to his wiles.

After all, it’s only 10 minutes from the berry patch, so why not.

Before they arrived I had time to shower and get cleaned up, and by the time they were done picking and joined us, we were ready for a game, which the boy again suggested and the grandparents agreed to.

Then they said they had better get home.

But it was getting on toward lunch time and I said, “Why not stay for lunch?”

“Oh we don’t want to take your leftovers!”  Mom looked into the fridge and told my father they had better not stay because I didn’t have enough.

What she had missed was that I had already downloaded the contents of the fridge onto the counter.  I assured her that I had enough goodies for everyone…so they stayed a little longer.

They used to live a two days’ drive away.

It is so nice to have them here, where we can meet for berry picking and spend as much time together as we like.

Posted July 31, 2014 by swanatbagend in gratitude

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