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As in most years, I didn’t do as much homework as far in advance as I should have.  But, I did do some research in the last few days leading up to the elections, and I also knew enough about a few of the candidates already to know whether I wanted to vote for them or not.

One of the candidates actually came to my door and shook my hand.

And yes, I did vote for him.  He had made what he did and could do for me very personally relevant.  When you live in a rural area, it’s good to know there will be an immediate response from 911 if you have a problem and that the officer who responds won’t be coming from an hour away.

Anyway, my point today is why I voted.

I don’t know if I’m like a lot of other people.  I would imagine so, but either way, this is my true confession.

I do not enjoy voting.

Every election year I am sorely tempted to not vote.  Life is so full and there are so many other topics I need to research and learn about in the course of parenting and homeschooling, the candidates are fairly far down my list.

But when it comes down to it, I can’t not vote.

My reasons?

They aren’t positively inspirational but here is the truth.

One: I promised the members of the Lions Club in Sulphur Oklahoma who awarded me a college scholarship that I would vote.  These good men gave me money to get through college.  I can’t let them down.

Two: Inevitably, I think about my great-grandmother, a parent like me 100 years ago, who was not allowed to vote.  What the suffragists did for me always gets my attention.  I can’t let them down either.

Not great reasons.  But they get me out the door to the polls.

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