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When I was seventeen years old, all the seniors in my class provided a statement of their ambitions for publication in the final edition of the newspaper of Sulphur High School.

Mine was to love and be loved and be happy.

Now that I’m forty-seven, I wish I had set my sights on something more specific.  More specific would have been a lot easier.

Like maybe, “I will wash the towels every Thursday morning.”  Or it could have been, “Buy exactly ten pairs of footwear and have them color coordinate with your sweaters.”  Or at least, “I plan to get outside and get some fresh air every day.”

When I was seventeen I wanted the whole height and depth, length and breadth of every good thing life has to offer.  Every lovely sunset, every beautiful day, every laugh, every glorious moment of great music, every person a friend, and every novel I might write.  I wanted each person on the planet whose path crossed mine to think I was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Now, I still want it, but I’m a bit more realistic.

Now I know what the hardest things in the world are to do, and I know that they don’t just happen.  I think the hardest things in the world are to love.  And to be loved.  And to be happy.

If I knew at 17 what I know at 47, some more attainable goals might have been these:

I will do my best each day.

I will be thankful for every gift that comes my way.

I will forgive because I want to be forgiven.

I will trust that all things work together for the good of those who love God.



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