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We took the kids and went to serve as a family at an urban experience workday today.  The church is partnering with a business to renovate some apartments downtown and provide affordable housing and space for city missionaries.  We had never done anything like this or rather I hadn’t, since Greg has done Habitat work in the past.

But being inexperienced, while we thought we were arriving on time for the second shift of the day, it turned out that they were serving a midday lunch to a large group of young people who had served in the morning.  Since we’d grabbed lunch before we left and we thought it would be simpler, we waited in the car.

We ended up waiting about an hour.

The really silly thing is that my ten-year-old handled this delay more gracefully than I did.  I even had a book to read, and he didn’t.  He and his sister hung out and laughed about different things in the back seat.  He was still good to go hammer nails out of old trim an hour later with no complaints whatsoever.

And me?  I didn’t complain out loud, but I was just about at the end of my rope at the end of that hour.

there are so many other things I could have been doing with this time.

I wonder if I have attention deficit disorder sometimes.  Maybe that’s why this is so hard.

why didn’t he contact someone first so we could know when we were supposed to arrive?

and what happens when we finally get in there, the kids will be tired before they start…

and more thoughts of that nature.

But I was absolutely wrong.  They were good to go.  So much for the superior patience of the 47-year-old mother.


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