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I recently read an article online in the Conservative Tribune about Maine’s new guidelines regulating the receipt of welfare benefits.  Here’s the link:

I don’t object to setting things up so that those who are able can get job skills, volunteer, do things that will move  themselves and their communities forward.

I do have a couple of concerns.  Any writer has a slant and will tend to lean on it.  What I mean is that at least some of the time there might be a reason a person cannot meet the new requirements.  Perhaps, he might not have reliable transportation to the scene of job training or volunteering.

The other is the tone of the article.

I would think that among conservatives who write for and read the magazine there would be quite a few people of faith, as it’s not uncommon for people of faith to have conservative values.

So if you are a person of faith, is it really necessary to call another human being a leech?

Posted March 31, 2015 by swanatbagend in citizenship, the church

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  1. What’s that chlorine I smell? Oh, gas chambers…

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