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I have a question.

Do youthful people the age of my children want to be greeted and acknowledged by adults instead of ignored?  Or, do they really not want to be noticed?

I know for teens the stereotype is their attitudes about their parents could be summed up in one word: embarrassing.  However, other adults who are not one’s parents don’t have that reputation to overcome.

The way I remember it, there were some great people I knew when I was a teen, some at church, some at school.  Some were people Dad brought home from work for dinner.  When those adults shook my hand and greeted me, I felt good.  If they asked me about myself I didn’t mind talking.  I appreciated being acknowledged.

The sweet older ladies at church always seemed interested in how I was doing.  Several of them gave me cards or gifts when I graduated from high school.  Some even when I got married three years later.  That kind of attention and care is truly sweet.

I liked it.

So, now I’m the (relatively) older person.  I like to meet people and talk to them and I really don’t care what age they are.  And, I’ve noticed that adults in general seem to only talk to other adults.  They don’t interact with the children who are also standing right there.  Why is that?  Am I missing something?  Doesn’t every person deserve a greeting and an acknowledgement?

Not to mention what I’m missing if I only initiate a conversation with people who are in my immediate demographic.  How dull.

I’d like to hear your opinion.

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