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And the rest of the story, aside from the minor inconveniences and hassles that attend any trip–these included the trains that ran past my hotel multiple times during the night, the confusing signage for a major interstate detour that took me on a wild and crazy ride when I was working under a deadline in order to get to the performance of the high school marching band my brother directs, the occasional scratching in the back of my throat and the way my eyes get so watery sometimes in the mornings.  That kind of stuff.  The every day or the drab or even sometimes the ugly stuff.  It did happen; I did experience it.

But it all gets overlaid and washed away by the good things.

Then, often, ravenous as I am, I find the good things are never enough.

I always want more.

More time.

More conversations.

More music.

More opportunities.

More depth.

More hours in the day.

More intimacy.

More cuddling my children and nephews.

More peace. More joy. More love.

I want a way to freeze time in the moments that I cannot get enough of.

Posted October 28, 2015 by swanatbagend in reflections

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