A Compliment About my Son with Asperger’s   Leave a comment

Someone gave feedback about something creative my child did.  It was positive.

I hope she didn’t notice my jaw hitting the floor.

In the past, what my son has had to contribute to group situations has been aggravation and argumentation.  I really don’t expect any positive feedback when we go out and about.

So when she said in response to something he did, “I love that.  What a great kid,” it completely made my day.

We were at a STEM class at a local science venue, and the students were supposed to be looking at various types of rock.  It was a class in earth systems and one of the topics was the varying density of different types of rocks.  We had spent some time examining different specimens and having fun identifying them, but my eleven year old wasn’t particularly interested in submerging rocks into water, measuring how much displacement occurs, and calculating density based on that information.

He’s more into space and things that involve explosions.

So I wasn’t surprised, but just chuckled to myself, when he picked up not one, but two of the hand-held magnifiers we were supposed to be using for examining specimens and started running around the room with them on his face like bug eyes.

What was refreshing was the way someone else’s kid picked them up and had fun doing the same.

And how low key the lesson facilitator was about redirecting them.

And then the positive comment from another parent.

I’m so glad she took the time to mention it.

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