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Unexpected Ice Cream   Leave a comment

I love surprises like this one.  After running around doing errands on a day which was too warm for my taste, and involved too much traffic due to its being warm and pleasant (at least I guess that is what brings drivers out en masse when the sun shines), I was grateful to come to a point where my 11-year-old son and I were done with errands and could go sit on the comfy chairs in the library with books/New York Times/new novel, our Wednesday ritual.

But guess what his sharp eyes spotted?  A Graeter’s Ice Cream food truck outside Whole Foods.

I’m glad he did.  They were giving away free samples.  We both got a small but still generous serving of peppermint chocolate chip.  That hit the spot.

Not that I needed a sample to know I love Grater’s…

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