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I’ve been trying to be more specific when praying.  In general I tend to be too general, and that makes it harder to see if anything got answered.

I also know that I tend to be too focused on my needs and those of the people I’m around.  I know I need to be looking for the Big Picture and be praying for the issues that affect the nation and the world.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t pray hard enough for the huge stuff, but I’m working on that.

I do know that asking for specific things, while doing my best to wait with open hands for whatever comes, has been a refreshing new direction.  Assuming that God is involved and active and living that way is a good change.  I have seen some wonky and weird little things come to pass during this process that I did not expect.

Seeing specific prayers get answered also leads to bigger questions, and I will be working through those in a future post.

For now, the story.

My son attends university and is pursuing an entomology degree.  He’s amazing with bugs and many other little critters like them.  He wants to do research and look for new bugs.  We’d like to see him do this also.

But first, since he is in the sciences, he is required to take a hearty dose of math and science courses, including calculus, statistics and multiple sections of chemistry that come with extensive labs and are worth large amounts of credit hours.  I was an English major and never took a course worth more than three credit hours.  But these chemistry courses are both incredibly difficult and a huge chunk of any semester a student takes.

So hard as they are, what would be even more difficult would be having to retake them.  Five more credit hours.  Difficult and beyond tedious.

Last fall our son was in his second semester of chemistry and midway through made an alarming grade on a midterm.  He conferred with the professor, and found that yes, in order to pass the class, his remaining exams would have to be good, not just average.  This was an understandably daunting goal to achieve in the midst of other course work and outside responsibilities, and with difficulty finding a tutor who was regularly available.

However, as per my policy of praying specifically for things, because of “him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,” I regularly prayed that our son would pass the class.  I prayed that if it were truly not best for him to pass, and if he really did not comprehend enough of the material to move on, that he would be able to retake the course without too much hassle and really benefit from the time spent.  But–all things being equal I spent more of the time on this topic praying that he would pass.

I felt fairly confident that he did understand the majority of the material, and I decided to pray that the format of the remaining tests, particularly the final on which he obviously needed to do well since it’s a large part of the course grade, would be different in a way that was better for him.

It’s really kind of a stupid prayer, because we knew that the odds were not good that he would pass, and he told me there was no point to keep praying.  And why on earth would the professor change the test format?

When I arrived to collect him for Christmas break, however, one of the first things out of his mouth was, “There’s a chance I may pass chemistry.”

A few days later, I heard him make a funny noise in the other room that was not him about to be sick (my initial reaction), but a huge sigh of relief when he did more than pass the class he had been so concerned about.

Further details were that the chemistry department had jointly decided this year, for the first time, to replace tests compiled by each individual instructor with an industry standard test for all students in all sections of the course.  This would presumably make final grades among the different sections of the course more fair for all students.  The test was put together by the American Chemical Society (I think) and if they don’t know what they’re doing as far as a chemistry exam, who does?

Regardless, my son did much better on the final than he had expected to, and this is a part of the reason why he passed the class, when it had looked impossible.

Why does God answer prayers like this?

I don’t know why, but He did.


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  1. Enjoyed your story. Loved the ending!! Ephesians 3:20 is one of my “life” scriptures!! God can do exceeding abundantly above all we could ask or think. He even invites us to come “boldly” to the throne of grace to obtain help and mercy. He sees, knows and cares all about us. Keep praying and keep expecting!! Blessings

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