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I just figured something out.

Gift giving is for the giver.

Not the recipient.

Gift giving is for the joy that it brings to the heart of the giver.

–and this is why the person receiving the gift needs to cultivate a heart that receives the gift gladly.  To maximize the joy in the interaction, the giftee can choose to receive gladly–even if the gift given is not something he likes or wants.

I know, I’m in my fifth decade and I’m just now figuring this out?  I did grow up hearing that it’s better to give than receive.  I would agree, and sometimes the hardest part is receiving.  If you really don’t like the item, it’s hard to be gracious.  It is.  Since there’s a context for the exchange of most gifts, it’s hard not to assume that people will give you something you like.

But the thing with a gift is–it’s a gift.  It’s free.  You didn’t ask for it.  You didn’t pay for it.  You didn’t look for it.  You didn’t deserve it.  Yes, sometimes you didn’t even want it.

It’s a gift.


Posted February 15, 2016 by swanatbagend in gratitude

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