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I’ve been thinking recently about how much I admire my 16 year-year-old daughter. In the struggles she has in her life, she doesn’t let them take over so much that she becomes unkind to the people around her. She has gone from being a beginning archer in an unfamiliar sports environment to an outstanding archer who performs consistently in the 270s out of 300 points. She takes on new challenges in areas where she is not naturally comfortable and I’m thinking of 2-year-old nursery duty where she serves weekly at our church. The children have learned to love her so much. She has gone from being so quiet that other girls and leaders in scouts could not hear her speak, to delivering all kinds of lines for all kinds of characters who are nothing like her in her theater work, and she does all her own stunts!

She is an amazing person in many ways, which we already knew, but the work she has done to go above and beyond is what I want to honor today.

I admire you as much as I love you, my dear!



Posted June 29, 2017 by swanatbagend in character

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