The Refreshment of books   Leave a comment

Libraries.  Good novels.  Fiction.  Bookshelves.  Plays.  Poems.  Writing.  Creating another world.  A door into another place, which creates an hour of life inside another world, and allows you to return to your own better for it–refreshed.

I recently read that studies have proven that an hour of screen time, even if it’s reading something, isn’t the same as an hour of a book.

I didn’t need a study to tell me that, and probably, neither did you.

I find that screen time–whether it is reading fascinating articles, doing research, shopping, or catching up with friends on social media–does not leave me refreshed and relaxed.

I find that a good book, however, does.

It removes me entirely, usually, from my life.  It’s a vacation between two covers, or at least a trip into someone else’s life and trials.  It gives me ideas to reflect on.  It gives me peace.  It’s like a drink at a deeper well.

I need to go: must open a cover.

Posted March 2, 2018 by swanatbagend in literature

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