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We brought home new kittens in June, little adorable male litter-mates, one a grey tabby and the other a golden brown tabby with an unusual pattern.  I had a few hesitations about having two male cats in the house, but I didn’t spend that much time on it, because my experience has been that males are more personable, and also because I like large cats, the bigger the better.

They took about a week to get acclimated to the house and were timid at first about areas that our older cat was in.  Of course they hated the vacuum.  But by the end of the week they were roaming everywhere and playing with whatever they could find.

Now, three and a half months later, we’re learning just how much energy two young tomcats can have.

I had lived with a total of seven cats before they came along, including three who were kittens when I met them, and (I thought our previous male cat was a busybody!) these guys are into just about everything.  They haven’t tried climbing the curtains in the front room yet, but that’s about it.  They definitely don’t spend most of the day sleeping.

They destroyed a topiary of dried flowers I’d had for twenty five years.

They knock glasses off the table and break them.

They try to get in the fridge.

They try to get in the garage.

They try to get outside.

They eat ribbons.

They tear the cardboard off the cat climbing tower.

They play with and lose the seashells I used to have on my dresser.

They get on the kitchen counter, despite being sprayed with water.

They nibble on their cardboard scratcher boxes.

They open cabinet doors and crawl around inside.

They lose their crinkle ball toys within fifteen minutes of my getting them out from under the couch.

They nibble on any dried flowers they can find, including a wreath that’s on the wall in the bathroom.

They pee in the recycle bin or laundry basket, if the litter box nearby isn’t kept clean enough for their preferences.

When they were neutered it did not slow them down.  We were told to keep them in their crates for another half hour when we got home.  The tan one bonked his head against the door the entire time he was waiting to get out.

They played for over an hour with a toy mouse suspended from an elastic cord today.  I had to put it away to get them to rest; their sides were heaving.

Yea, it’s been pretty crazy for me to adjust to….and that isn’t counting the potty problems we’ve had.  I thought once my youngest child was potty trained that I was done with poo.  Apparently not.

All that said–they are personable, just like I hoped.  They are extremely soft.  They purr almost every time you approach and pet them.  They are sweet boys.  The tan one runs to meet my husband when he comes in the door.

So yeah, we’re glad God created the cat, because we have the pleasure of caressing the tiger.

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