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The Force Re-Awakens   Leave a comment

That is what I was waiting for!

If you’ve been a fan since you were 10 years old, like I have, and you haven’t yet seen the new movie–you will not be disappointed!

Let’s ignore the prequel movies, which I always think of as the 4th, 5th and 6th movies because that is the order they were released in, and the new numbering just confuses the heck out of me.  We can be thankful those are over and done, and I’m still thankful I didn’t waste my money seeing them all in the theater.

This new release is just the right amount of old and new to make a very satisfying “comfort food” movie for us life time fans.  And it’s exciting and interesting enough for someone who’s never gotten into Star Wars before.

I’m the kind of annoying viewer who likes to whisper comments and questions to the friend I’m sitting next to.  I did that yesterday, during the previews, and then for maybe the first fifteen minutes of the film.

But after that, I honestly pretty much lost track of who I was even in the theater with.  It’s that good.

If someone had told me in 1977 that the new movie I loved would still be going strong 38 years later, with 6 sequels, I would never have believed it.  I mean, yes, it’s good, but who could have dreamed the story would capture so many people?

So much family history.  My mother had read a review about it and wanted very much to see it (besides it had Alec Guinness in it) and our family drove 100 miles from the Montana backwater we lived in to see it.  I was given a black Star Wars T-shirt by someone, which I still have.  Yes, it’s a bit small, but it’s in my top dresser drawer.  Back in the day before VCR players, imagine my delight when my father took me to town to see the movie for an unprecedented second viewing after I won the school spelling bee!




imagine my horror when Han Solo started out onto the catwalk to try to reach his renegade son….not good.

Imagine my delight to see a woman taking on the head of the new First Order, and putting out his light saber for good.  (Did anyone else notice the empowering feminist message represented there?)

Love to see new actors get cast in great roles.

You’ll love it too.


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