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Last week, I spent some time outside at 2:30 in the morning watching the Lyrid meteor shower with my son.  I’m always of two minds about missing sleep, but I love seeing the stars and shooting stars, so we agreed to stumble outside in the middle of night, because it was supposed to be the peak and good viewing.

Getting ourselves wrapped up in a couple blankets, we lay on the ground looking up and to the southeast where they were supposed to be.  We found we were whispering.  Were we trying to hide from the immensity of night and how space makes you feel?  We got an early meteor, very bright, and then lay there in the chill waiting for something else.

That was our first meteor, but meteors are the only thing we experienced more than one of.

A neighbor out really late was talking up the hill from us.  So one neighbor.

Pretty soon after we got outside, I saw a flittering shadow above me and heard high pitched squeaking noises.  One bat.

Our cat, Simba, came around after a while and walked up and down on us while purring in a pleased manner.  One cat.

Someone’s dog began to bark, and I have to confess, this doesn’t fit in the title, because other dogs started barking as well.  But toward the end of the group bark, it was just one dog.

Also, the entire time we were out, we could hear one spring peeper.  If you have any experience with these little frogs, you know that they are always in large groups, and they are very loud.  However, down near our pond, we heard it.  One spring peeper.

We didn’t talk much, but there is a companionship when a couple people watch for shooting stars that doesn’t require conversation.

One more bond between my son and me.

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At the creek, fall afternoon, I sit on rock attending to the music of the water dropping over the edges of stone.

Across from me, the bank has eroded away at a turn in the water’s path, and two older trees display a maze of roots.

There, two petite wrens seek an apartment, chatting quietly to each other.

One fluffs his feathers, the other dips her beak into the pool under the new porch.

The sun sinks behind the woods,

A clot of gnats a vertical golden feedback loop against the dark trunks of trees.



Jumping spider.

Black and grey, but hard to say

As it’s perhaps 3 millimeters long.

Explores the interior of my Honda Fit.

Traveling busily along the dashboard, it valiantly leaps to the steering wheel, scales this Half Dome for minute spiders.

Its leap is half an inch.

Proudly, it surveys its new domain.

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