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Maybe I’m a grumpy old lady, but when I am enthusiastic about something I hope people can just tell.

It might be they can because I never stop talking about it.  Ask my husband and my friends what I really get excited about. There have been different fascinating subjects I’ve fallen in love with over the years.  The Donner Party.  Getting pregnant.  Homebirth.  VBAC.  Healthy diets.  Food.

Maybe you can tell what I love by what you often see me doing.  Reading, cooking, being outside, keeping up with friends.  I moderate an online support group.   I invite people to dinner.  Working with my husband, I plan next year’s camping trip, and there is nothing better than traveling west with him and the kids.

It’s been a while since I’ve been asked what my interests are when introduced to someone new, so I am not sure how I would bring those things up in a conversation with a new friend.

But passionate is one word I would not use.

I’m honestly afraid that I could never live up to that level of pure emotion.  Shoot, when I was a kid passionate was reserved for how people felt when they were getting amorous.

I’ll try to stick to doing, rather than stating.


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Reunions   Leave a comment

I spent the last hour or more talking to high school classmates on Facebook. We just lost one of our own in December. Since most of us are only 47 or 48 that seemed pretty hard to take.

Yes, I meant that!  I’m *only* 47.  Humph.  That’s no longer old. It was when my teachers were that old.  Actually come to think of it most of my teacher were probably younger than that when they were my teachers….but I would have thought they were both old and wise.

Whether I’m wise remains to be seen.

Here’s hoping I’ll get to see my friends in person this summer for a reunion.  Working on that now.  It will be a trip worth making.

It would be a fifteen hour drive.  So a ways to go, but….

Just have to find a way to carpe diem.

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A Dangerous Cough Drop   Leave a comment

Who would have thought that there was another hazard associated with cough drops, besides choking if you’re not paying attention?

I have come down with a horrible cold as of last night.  I stayed in bed this morning and the kids did school on their own.  So thankful that they are old enough to take the assignments I write down and run with them.  I actually dozed off.

This afternoon with the sore throat I was rolling a Ricola’s cough drop around in my mouth.  My tongue discovered a trench in it, which had a sharp edge.  I’ve never had this happen before, but I guess there is always a first time.

I cut my tongue on a cough drop.  Hunh.  Hopefully, my tongue and my cold will be better tomorrow.

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Battle For The Net   Leave a comment

Cable companies want to slow down and break! your favorite sites, for profit. To fight back, let’s cover the web with symbolic “loading” icons, to remind everyone what an Internet without net neutrality would look like, and drive record numbers of emails and calls to lawmakers.

via Battle For The Net.

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in Solidarity   Leave a comment

Today I will have absolutely nothing to say, in solidarity with individuals like myself who live in Turkey and thus are not allowed to blog on a WordPress site.

So — silence.

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You Gotta Love a Cat When He Wants It   Leave a comment

You know how cats are.  It has to be their idea.

So, I try to roll with that, remembering it’s good practice for kids as well.  Who knows what time of day or night someone will really need to talk to me about something or need to be held or need something because they’re sick.

I sit up in bed this morning and a gray shadow comes trotting briskly into my room to join the other gray shadows.

He’s rubbing against my legs and purring vigorously.

I get my socks, slippers and robe on and make my way to the bathroom.  I never like to turn on a bright light first thing so Boris continues to be nearly invisible.  I can feel him when he bumps into my legs in an effort to either trip me or be affectionate, of course.

But it’s when I sit on the toilet that the Lovefest really warms up.

He flops all over the floor purring, rubbing back and forth on my hand as I pet him.

Then eventually it’s up to my “lap,” such as it is, and he flops out, pressing his head toward my hand for the required chin and whisker scratch, purring all the while.  This is his time of day to demand my attention, so I do my best to give it.

Although it’s a bit difficult to concentrate on my business.

But we like to keep the cat happy, and ourselves happy at the same time.

I just told Boris I’m writing about him and he’ll be immortal.  He’s not impressed, he just wants his breakfast now.

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“There have been a few changes since you left” — written November 25   2 comments

This is what I may end up saying to Zach when he gets home on Wednesday.  When he left for college in August, while I felt that over three months was a long time to be apart, I didn’t think that anything here would really change.  I anticipated that he would be the one changing.

While I feel sure he has changed, taking in his 18th birthday, handling all daily responsibilities for life, health, classes and planning for international travel himself, since he’s been gone, I am surprised to note quite a few things here that have changed.

We’ve actually moved some furniture around, got a different tablecloth, built something for the cats to climb on.

The dry erase board in our school room, which was command central for Zach and Helena’s school assignments, is now command central for Helena and Beren’s assignments.

The garden of course is finished, and the 10 foot tall okra stocks have been chopped down.  The morning glories, which were in fine form when he left, have frozen, died and been removed from the trellis.

There’s construction on the way to church that has emptied out a lot and it looks really different.

Other things too…..I suspect that Greg and I look just a tiny bit older than we did when he left.

Helena and Beren are probably taller.

How they spend their time each day is pretty similar to when he left, but not entirely since Helena is doing new activities that take her away from home more, and Beren has branched out to take a few science classes, and he was pretty grown up in them I am happy to say.

You wouldn’t think that much would change in a little over three months, but I suspect it has.  Time never stands still, even when you think it is.

I know that although in many ways we are the same, and our relationship will be the same, I will find that there are some subtle differences.  After all we are not on the same daily life track.  He’s doing different things than I am every day, and as much as I’d like to be involved in that out of interest and love, it is not possible, nor should it be.

One thing I am sure of that I’ve learned in the last few years.

I will not take for granted any particular gathering of people, thinking, “Oh well, there’ll be another day like this one.”

I used to think that, not any more.

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