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Road Trip to Michigan   Leave a comment

This past weekend, I went away to visit family members.  My circuitous route took me through Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

I would love to go again, soon, just to see the colors on display.  I’m not crazy about the scenery in Ohio, in general, but I have some advice: Go now, before you miss it.

The woods there and in Michigan were on fire with color.  (Or should it be ablaze with color? aflame?)  Words cannot do it justice: it was therapy, beauty, peace, and amazement.

Red-orange sumac.

Orange-yellow maples.

Darkling red oaks.

Gold, yellow, gold-green, leaves that weren’t any of the colors I have mentioned above–that were unique and indescribable.

Have you ever ridden down a hall of trees, in the westering afternoon light of a late October day?  Lit up with gold, more gold comes through the leaves and trunks, flickering over the path you travel.

Other moments:

Holding a scorpion and then (much to my preference) a long, gently waving round reddish-brown millipede at the insectary where my son goes to college.

A stroller before me, my nephew scampering at my right hand, as we trundle past red leaves on the way to the park.

Seven musicians around a dining room table, rehearsing for a gig.

Autumn air riffling the curtains at a dorm room window.

Sitting on a park bench overlooking the U, enjoying the time with my oldest.

Marching band competition watched from the hard bleachers of a high school football stadium.

Looking out from the top floor of the library while students hurry to and fro on their own ant trails.

Grapefruit, and granola with raspberries, and a hot cup of tea: breakfast with my brother.

Winnie the Pooh with my nephew bundled on my lap.

Reformation Sunday in a Lutheran church.

Greeting my young son on picking him up at his grandmother’s, to find he’s spurted up, again.

Dinner and a warm bed waiting for me after a long drive.  A book in hand for a read before I put out the light.

And the road before me and my thoughts my own.

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