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Wrapping up November   Leave a comment

My plan to blog daily did not work out.  As in my daily life itself, I made a plan, not thinking of things that could possibly stop me from fulfilling it.  I assumed my dedication alone would make it a success.  And–surprise!–things came up to stop me from doing it.

However, I feel that the experience was a success.


I have quite a few blog ideas to go that I can’t wait to write about.  Alas that they didn’t get written about in November, but they will.

Writing every day taught me –I can write every day.  It wasn’t too painful.

I had plenty of ideas.

I haven’t written this much since grad school–I think.  And it was much more fun.

I’m really happy that what stopped me from writing was not writer’s block, lack of ideas, or anything remotely like that.  It was getting sick and needing to go back to bed and sleep.  It was making Thanksgiving dinner and celebrating it.  Those are good reasons to not write.  I accept them as valid reasons not to meet my goal of daily blogging without guilting over it.

Happy December, everyone.

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It’s Been Easier Than I Thought It Would Be   Leave a comment

Starting with this project of writing every day in November would have sounded impossible a few years ago.  If you look in my archives you can see that I did not write much in 2011 or 2012.  Only a few months have links.

That was back when

1. I had three students in our homeschool program and one of them was in senior high and

2. I was laboring under the delusion that every blog entry I wrote must be perfectly crafted and amazingly insightful.

As you can see, I have put that goal aside.

I do love my first blog entry from October of 2011, quite fond of it (“I do so love this scene!”) but I have managed somehow to get from that Point A to this Point B, where I’m not afraid to just write.  I am actually using an online thesaurus now (very handy) and revising as much as ever (mostly) but despite a higher word count to mess with, I’m just not afraid any more.


3. About six months ago I realized that most of what I was posting on Facebook would, with a little extra time and thought, actually make a pretty decent blog entry.

So–here I am.  Two and half years later and way more actual writing going on.

A lot less feedback from Facebook friends, but greatly increased satisfaction levels.


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