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I Get Confused   Leave a comment

Or I would if I didn’t know more.

I get confused when I listen to local Christian radio stations.

I really do enjoy them; it’s a great way to enjoy new contemporary Christian music without having to buy and guess what I might like.  I am thankful to have our local stations as an option musically.

And there has been encouragement from the music that has been helpful to me too many times to count.

Maybe it’s the time of day I’m listening?  I usually don’t listen in the morning.  It’s always when I’m driving in the afternoon or the evening.  There’s music, advertising and a bit of chatter.  Some times of the day all of the chatter is about upcoming concerts.

I suppose it’s natural for Christian radio stations to sponsor and feature performances by the artists they are promoting on the station.

But I hope that the stations do more than just promote a localized Christian culture.  I hope Christians have more to live for than the next concert that hits town.

Posted October 14, 2015 by swanatbagend in the church

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