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Unfriending?   1 comment

I’ve been on Facebook for 8 years now and I’d like to know how to trim my friend list without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Does anyone have advice for me?

Honestly, many of the people I friended or approved when they friended me, my intention in cases where I did not know them very well already was that being on Facebook together with them would expand our relationship and allow me to get to know them more personally.

I guess that was naive.  There appears to be no substitute for face-to-face time for building a friendship.  Trying to chat it up with someone on Facebook, by liking the photos they post of their kids, and chiming in when they share a funny status, just doesn’t move the friendship into the new world of intimacy.

I also have figured out that Facebook is not the way extend an invitation.  If I want to actually get together with someone, a phone call would be more efficient.  Planning things on Facebook can stretch out into months.

So how do I get to what I want Facebook to be–that it can realistically be?  I want it to reconnect and keep up with the friends that I have blessedly accumulated over a lifetime (and yes, I have friends there I’ve known since second grade).  I want to stay connected with my current friends, and share photos and updates.  I like it as a forum to share ideas, questions and blog posts.  But that’s really it.

Is there any diplomatic way to unfriend all the random people I know are safe, but who never write me or comment on my statuses?  I want more than a tally of who clicked “approve” out of my time on Facebook.

What to do?


Posted February 17, 2016 by swanatbagend in friendship

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