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When thinking over the past, and musing on more recent efforts to reach out to other people and initiate friendships, I found myself a bit discouraged.

I have found that I have to take the initiative with 90% of the friends that I currently have–checking in with them and making time to get together in person.  Nothing new, that’s the way it has worked throughout my life.  All I have to do is remember that’s how it has always been.  To get enough people time, I make the phone call 90% of the time.

I’m used to that.

I guess I’m less fine with the amount of effort it takes to initiate with new people, because in that arena it’s pretty much 100% me.

And that makes me wonder if it’s worth the effort.  Perhaps my effort to reach out to people outside my usual circle just isn’t needed.

But here’s something God gave me as I was thinking about this.

Over the past twenty-five years, I have had people who reached out to me.  I can see these women’s faces right now.  They took the time to make friends.  I reciprocated and over time, close friendships developed–some within weeks or months.  In a couple of cases, these women were literally praying for a friend, and then I came along.

But what if?

What if these women had been reaching out before they met me, over and over again, and for a long time there wasn’t any particular response?  What if I wasn’t the first person they initiated with?

What if each one of them had stopped before they ever got to me?



Not going to stop reaching out.


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