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It took me a few years of living here, but as I was driving home down an amazingly beautiful rural road last night, with the summer sun slanting toward me from the west, I realized that I absolutely loved the scenery and the place I was driving through.

I was returning from a gathering out in the sticks, where there was absolutely no road noise and almost no cars moving through.  I started back from a tiny community at a cross roads.  After passing over a low bridge and full creek, I drove across flat creek flood plains with fields, up wooded valleys, around curves, amongst houses and farms, through trees.  I realized how beautiful Kentucky is, and in tandem with that realization, I knew that, finally, this is my home.  It must be now–otherwise, this girl who loves the west and the wide open spaces would not react this way.

The light, the green, the trees, the horses with their tails swishing, the old tobacco barns and pastures along the way, the smell of the air at the end of a summer day.

No billboards.  No big box stores.  No gas stations, even.

It was an undesignated scenic drive–the best kind.

Posted June 26, 2017 by swanatbagend in travel journal

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