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Overbearing to Invite?   Leave a comment

Lately, I’ve found myself asking a question about relationships in my day-to-day reaching out to people and inviting them into my life and into my home.  I like to cook, and having people join our family for dinner has always been something I enjoy.  I like to spend time getting to know people.  I like making them feel welcome, that they are important to me, that they are included in our mutual community, whatever that context is.  And this context is what I’m used to.

Despite having been hospitable in this particular way for over twenty-five years, recently it seems that dinner invitations are not as well received as they used to be.

So, I’m asking myself, what’s different?  I find myself wondering if there are new social rules about how to initiate further contact with acquaintances and friends.  If there are new rules, I’m afraid that I don’t know them.

Perhaps there is another way that relationships are supposed to be nurtured in 2016?  Maybe people I know from work or church or kids’ activities are not comfortable being invited to someone’s home?  Am I supposed to meet the other mom at a Starbuck’s first, before I invite the whole family to dinner?

I don’t know and I would like to.  The last thing I want to do is be overbearing when my intent is simply to invite.

How is relationship building supposed to happen now?  Let me hear from you.


Posted July 18, 2016 by swanatbagend in friendship

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