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I can be generous when I feel like it.  I can give away so much money that alone gets me a decent tax refund.

I love plotting to do something nice for someone in need, and finding a way to provide what they need, all in a way they either won’t find out about or that at least will surprise them.

It’s been fun to give family members Christmas presents far beyond what they would usually have expected.  I still get to see some of those things in use when I visit.

I am glad to offer my time for worthy causes, and I volunteer in ways that fit my schedule, but I wonder.

Unless I am willing to stop what I am doing, and give time and care at the moment it is needed, instead of when I want to, and do this without complaining–am I really generous?

To be truly generous is being so when the giving is not what I want.  I am not sure I can say I’m generous until I give without stopping to think.

What do you think?

Posted March 14, 2016 by swanatbagend in character

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