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True Story (for my daughter)   2 comments

Long awaited child

I sweated, cried, raved, moaned

I was in pain to birth you

And all this for years before you finally came

In August

Your water gushed out of me like the falling rain

that early morning

And again I waited

Early Saturday I woke to a meteor shower

The Perseids were falling in the east

One a minute, dropping fast

We watched them for an hour

Till dawn came

Again I waited

Early Sunday I woke to a shower of another kind

Again I sweated, cried, raved, moaned

Till dawn came

And you fell from my womb

A hot, ripe star


I wrote this in 2000.  Mothering published it in 2002 in the same issue in which my friend Jill McCorkle’s VBAC article was printed.  On this, my star’s quinceañera, I share this poem about her birth.

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Mist around the street lights

Bullfrogs comment from the pond

A single katydid still chatters

We unroll our towels that will come up ripe with grass clippings, and set our sights upward

Between the black outlines of the trees and across the Milky Way

and Cassiopeia

They come



flashes even

The Perseids, more than one a minute, dropping fast

As one, then another of us calls out, there’s one

there’s another

did you see that one?

My little stars all around me, all grown up now

We watch the meteors

My stars

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