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So I’m not much like a pioneer woman.  But over the past eight years of my life, I have marked out a significant way in which I definitely work like they did.

It’s not anything to do with making jam and pickles, although I do that.

Nor is it manuring the garden, turning the earth, planting seeds, although I do that.  Cooking the green beans and using up all the cucumbers–I specialize in that also.

It’s absolutely nothing to do with sewing or quilting, because beyond replacing lost buttons, I know nothing about sewing.

I do know a few things about “birthin’ a baby,” which I suppose pioneer women knew as well.

I’m thinking of my life socially.  I suspect living in the country and homeschooling have led to the current arrangement , which probably should not surprise me.  If my children were at a school daily, or even several times a week, my trajectory would be altered.

When I was a child and in public school, I saw teachers and other kids five days a week. In high school add in dances or slumber parties and I had contact with my friends almost every day of the week.  If youth group was on Sunday night….whcih I believe it was, make that seven days.

You get used to that level of interaction, although believe me I felt the need for time alone.  That’s why when I got home, I would not go out to play.  My street was full of kids, and I needed to be alone with books for at least an hour.

That’s why I think that my interactions feel so different now.  It’s difficult to change your early internal programming.

Now, I see other adults when I take my son and daughter to appointments or classes or co-ops.  And I see my friends when I make an appointment to see them.  Gratefully, I’m friends with my children’s friend’s mothers (or perhaps, they have become friends with the children of my friends), so we all get time together when we work out an afternoon to see them.

But, we don’t see the often.  We certainly don’t see them every day.

That is why I thinks of pioneer women.  They saw other women when there was a community event, such as a quilting bee or barn raising.  A farming wife, if blessed, had a church near her homestead, and she was able to enjoy company on the Sabbath.  Other than that–it was children, husband and her own thoughts.

So those times with friends are much-anticipated, and much appreciated.



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