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I’ve lived in Kentucky for twenty years now, and I have never seen any snow as thick as what I woke up to this morning.  I think we’ve probably had a dusting before. We’ve had occasional cold November days.  I just don’t think we’ve had what looked like at least three inches, and more falling, on a November 17th.

I’ve heard weather forecasters say we’ll have a cold winter again, but it won’t be as bad as last winter.

At this point, I’m not betting on that.  It has already been close to or maybe more than 30 degrees below zero in the continental United States.  It is not even two months into fall–it’s not remotely winter yet–and we had 4 something inches of snow and a snow day in Kentucky, where we’re doing good to get a white Christmas most years.  And to top that off, it will stay cold through the rest of this week, with wind chills below zero by Tuesday morning.

I don’t know, but I think it’s not looking too good for “less cold than last winter.”  I think our friend the polar vortex is making a return already.

On the other hand, as my ten-year-old son observed, “At least we have a good chance of a white Thanksgiving!”



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