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Before you even go to the psychiatrist or your doctor, unless it’s a pressing or urgent situation, the first thing I’d recommend is the MSG free diet. Thank you Ruthie for exposing me to the possibility that what my children were eating was creating a plethora of unpleasant symptoms.  You can look up the diet online and find several websites that explain it more fully and teach you what the specifics are.

The basic idea is that you are just eating real food.  You are specifically avoiding MSG and all its derivatives.  This does mean goodbye to onion soup mix, canned soup, prepared dinners, frozen food, and convenience food in general.  But don’t panic, nowadays there are lots of good quality convenience items on the market, so you can go that way if you don’t feel like cooking from scratch.

The other good news is that you may not have to eat like this always and forever.  We actually do use commercial bread, rolls and tortillas; we go out to eat and eat with people in their homes without problems.  We just don’t consume a regular steady diet of the main culprits.

Also, I would recommend giving it a long trial, more like a couple months than a couple of weeks, especially if you don’t see any improvement on it in the first days, or think you don’t.  I didn’t think we had any changes, but kept on because I liked the way the food tasted and felt happily crunchy about the whole experience: I was making more things from scratch, roasting organic chickens and cool stuff like that.

Glad I did, because it eliminated completely some problems my children were having.  Nightmares.  Bed-wetting.  Insomnia.  Sleep onset problems.  Anxiety.  Hallucinations.

The insomnia and bed-wetting were just kind of an annoyance that we had been dealing with for years.  I don’t know why, honestly, it did not occur to me earlier that perhaps regular bouts of insomnia in a child starting at three years old were not, strictly speaking, normal.  But it didn’t, and when the child was about eight years old, we had reached a point where the anxiety was interfering with our lives, but it had no source I could figure out.  Over-analyzing our personal family dynamics looking for clues changed nothing.  I thought we were going to have to see the shrink when hallucinations started.

But thankfully all I really needed to analyze was what we were eating.

That led to a a transformation: a child who would not go outside because of fear became a child who went outside on her own and out of sight of the house without even giving it a thought one year later.

The added benefits of no insomnia or wet beds were a nice surprise.  A surprise because I did not believe those annoyances could be caused by onion soup mix.  Wrong.

I also didn’t think whatever was affecting my then 8-year-old was affecting my 4-year-old, but after we had done the MSG free diet for a couple of months, the 4-year-0ld was able to doze off at bedtime within 10 minutes.  It had been taking him a good half hour or more to go to sleep and the time just kept getting longer.  Again, I had no idea what was causing that.  I can’t tell you how much magnesium these children got to take at bedtime and how much lavender they got to breathe, to no particular effect, before we took MSG out of our diets.

There’s really nothing nicer than tucking in a preschool child…and having him fall asleep.  How simple and wonderful is that?

So anyway, that’s my story.  I was in favor of eating good quality food before I read up on the diet.  What I didn’t realize was how many prepared foods had substances in them that were stimulating the kids’ brains unnecessarily.  Now, I’m really truly in favor of eating real food.

I strongly recommend the MSG free diet to anyone with mental health issues.  It’s worth trying for a couple of months.

It could be as simple as what you’re eating.

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