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An Unintended Travel Goal   Leave a comment

I don’t have a bucket list, but even if I did, I would never have decided on this travel goal.  I would never have deliberately set out to put this many miles on our mini-van.  I’m calculating…I think it ran about 9,000 miles?  We go camping every year somewhere, so that’s not unusual, just enjoyable.  However, putting three disparate pieces together, we got an amazing fact.

  1. We regularly travel to the Florida panhandle for spring break to camp in a beautiful, peaceful state park that some friends introduced us to ten years ago.
  2. We considered going to Maine last year.  We generally go west, and we thought it would be a good change of direction to see New England, and get all the way to Acadia, which I’d heard is lovely.  However, other travel trumped that as our oldest child was moving to California.  I wanted to see where he’d be living, he wanted the help moving, so we dropped the Maine plan and instead took a Penske truck and the mini-van with pop-up to northern California.  We moved our son into his apartment and then we all went camping for five days.
  3. So this year when we revisited the question of where to go on our camping trip, we still wanted to go to Maine, and although we didn’t have as much vacation time to work with as we had originally hoped, we decided to go anyway, because it was such a different place and we’d never been.

9,000 or so miles between the three trips, and here’s the thing we managed to do, which I would not necessarily recommend: We got our feet wet in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico within less than eleven months time!

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Being Present   1 comment

We hear a lot lately about unplugging ourselves from electronic devices and being present.

All very true.  We need more time unplugged and present.

Not sure why it’s so hard to do–do we really think that being connected 24/7 is going to save us/the world/our job/our relationships/our financial stability/etc.?

Apparently so.  It’s very difficult to stay present, instead of drifting off into mulling over the past, getting one more task completed or fretting over the future.

But, something I’ve noticed when road tripping is that traveling in a vehicle means that you are in the vehicle driving it, there in the present moment.  You can’t really do anything else major while driving.  You can’t text.  You can’t read a book or the paper.  You can’t write things down while hurtling along the interstate at seventy-five miles an hour.

I think staying focused in the moment of safely piloting your car actually allows your mind more free range.  At least that’s been my experience.

You may not like being present with your fellow passengers, but you are.  Captive audience, so to speak.  Or if you’re alone, you have the road ahead, and your mind’s your own.

There’s a stretch of interstate across Kansas that I just love for this reason.  It takes free range to new heights–or actually distances.  Passing through the Flint Hills region gives you opportunity to experience the mind rest you can’t get when you are working on four or five different things at home or in the office.  There’s the distant vista in front of you, the road a thin thread miles away, open sky all around you, and just being present within you.


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