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There’s nothing like the joy you get from experiencing something after you haven’t had it for a time.

And it seems for me it’s true that it takes missing something to truly relish it.

You just don’t comprehend what it means to miss something if you have it all the time.  I’m sure if the weather was only sun all the time, I would be unable to delight as deeply as I am in this wonderful 65 degree sunny weather we’re having this week.  It might be OK, but I would take it for granted.

Or take for example a night of sleep.  I don’t sleep well generally speaking.  Sometimes it’s insomnia; most often it’s just waking up and rolling over about forty times per night, so when I get up I am not rested.

But that’s nothing compared to those nights when you don’t sleep at all.

There is nothing I know of that’s miserable in quite the same way as a night you spend awake, longing for your eyes to feel heavy and your thoughts to get fuzzy, but instead you just keep thinking, droves of ideas and images whizzing through your head, anxiety stirring you around.

After a night like that, experiencing a night in which the peaceful buzzing of a fan is actually soporific is so nice.  Waking up after sleeping a stretch of 8 hours is positively blissful.  There is nothing else like waking up and realizing your nightmare of wakefulness is over, and you’ve slept most of the night.

Extrapolating to other situations–there are many blessings I’ve never had to miss.  I know I can’t appreciate them the way someone who is missing them could.

But I’ll surely do my best.

Posted April 28, 2015 by swanatbagend in gratitude

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