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What’s the hurry?
I’m referring of course to the ever more noticeable early rush of Christmas decorations, music and advertising. I don’t know if it’s just more obvious this year because Thanksgiving was so early, or if it is truly even more ludicrous than usual.  I was subjected to “Feliz navidad” while shopping for the turkey. That’s just obnoxious.
There is no reason to Light Up Your Town on November the 5th, or start calling it “the holiday season” the minute the kids stop choking down all their Halloween candy.
It’s not the holiday season.  It’s November.  It’s being grateful for what you received, not looking forward to grabbing whatever you can get.
I know what you are thinking.
You’re thinking I’m a grumpy curmudgeon who can’t keep up with the times, who doesn’t like change and who doesn’t want to have fun.  If you think that, you’d be right–except for the bit about not having fun.  I really do love to have fun.  And I’m writing this because I think people are missing out.
Don’t miss the glories of November, the colors with the blue sky, and the rainy gloomy days when the leaves get torn down.  It’s orange, gold, red, russet and brown.  It’s harvest home.
Don’t miss the rest and the food of Thanksgiving, and the fun of being together with other people to give thanks.
Don’t miss Advent.  Don’t miss the anticipation of the feast of Christmas that is to come.  Don’t miss walking through the sorrow and darkness that is this life, knowing that the surprise that overturns it all is still to come.
Don’t miss the opportunity to sit, quietly, in your home, before the lit tree, and ponder the mystery and glory of this season, the Incarnation.
You don’t have to try to cram all the parties in before the 24th of December.
There is still time.  From December 25th to January 6th, you can lift your glasses highest, sing the loudest, and leave the Christmas tree up, and the lights on.  When the year is at its darkest, that’s when we need the lights the most.

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We had a wonderful whirlwind of activity at my house Thursday and Friday for the celebration of Thanksgiving.  I sat down a few times between 2 p.m. Thursday and 8 p.m. Friday, but just a few.  We had fourteen family members present and it was good.  My favorite memories:

1. I cut up what must have been 20 potatoes, but my family brought so much food that I thought to myself, “We’ll never be able to eat all these mashed potatoes,” or as my mother-in-law often comments, “I’ve made enough to feed an army.”  At clean up however, there were perhaps two cups left.  Nope, I did not make too much mashed potatoes.

Can you ever make too much mashed potatoes?

2. My brother-in-law picked up my oldest at college on his way down to our place, so I didn’t see my son until Wednesday evening, by which time I was really ready to see him (at the same time I was really thankful I wasn’t making a four-hour round trip drive the day before 14 people arrived at my house for dinner).

There is no more beautiful sight than your child’s smiling face in an approaching car window.

3.  As I passed through the living room, temporarily transformed into Dining Room #2, on my way to sort out some details before dinner, I saw my mother and my mother-in-law face to face in our blue wing chairs, wine glass in one’s hand (guess which one), having what looked like a lovely heart-to-heart.

4.  My children, brothers and sisters-in-law, my husband, my nephew, my mother and father, and my mother-in-law crammed into our kitchen together.  My husband said these words, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,” and we shouted back, “His love endures forever!”

5.  Then there’s the anecdotes I remember, but cannot share here, to protect the guilty whom I love.  Imagine bursts of laughter.  Repeatedly.  I hope you had those too at your house.

It isn’t a cliché if it’s true.  I’m really thankful that I have family who want to be here, a home to share with them, and food to cook for them.  Dirty dishes too.  Thank God for dirty dishes.

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Beren was awake at about 5 a.m. yesterday.

That beats his Christmas records cold.  He was so excited about road tripping to pick his older brother Zach up at his dorm and bring him home from college for Thanksgiving, that he was awake as early as he’s ever been awake.

I saw the light coming in my door from downstairs when I rolled over but I was like I am not going down there, I’m going back to sleep.  So I did, and thankfully Beren and all my kids have been well-trained to not wake up mama before 7 a.m.  I was able to get more sleep and so, he said, was he, as he dozed a while on our soporific brown couch under our softest throw.

It was a long day, but a happy one for us, as we all undertook the trip to retrieve Zach, a lot of his stuff that can’t stay in the dorm over Christmas vacation, and his debilitated bike, which looked so much so, that when the guys got it loaded onto the bike rack of the van, it was decorated with a cheerful pink tag letting Zach know it was about to be impounded.  But! it was spared that last indignity by being rescued by Dad (who is now going to show Zach how to be Bicycle Repairman so he won’t have to be Bicycle Repairman).

It was a great reunion.

Zach looked at me and said, “Have you shrunk? Because you’re shorter than I remember.” and I replied, “You look taller than I remember!” and then we both laughed.

We didn’t hit a ridiculous amount of traffic on the way home, it looked just like regular rush hour.  Thankfully we were back home around 8:45, heating up leftover soup, hauling in tubs of Zach’s stuff, and with the cats giving Zach their seal of approval again.  It looks like they both remember him.

And later when I was getting ready for bed, I  heard something I hadn’t heard for so long and didn’t expect–the sound of the piano being played downstairs.

Refreshing, as after a drought of several months.

The only other thing I seem to be obsessed about at the moment is this–I keep thinking, “He has got to get a haircut!”

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