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It’s not?

Are you sure?

The way you weave in and out of traffic, I wonder.

You changed lanes, pulling ahead of me through a closing, narrow gap between me and the semi-trailer just ahead to my left.  I’m not sure what your hurry is.

It seems like your rule when wanting to pass someone is that you should never have to touch the brake.  Keeping your cruise control engaged at all times is essential to the safety of your convenience.  You approach me from behind when I’m in the left lane, doing my best to pass the semi-trailer on my right in an expedient fashion, but unwilling to drive 85 miles per hour in these weather conditions.  Then you stay two molecules from my rear bumper.

Have you never been rear ended?

And then once you pass me you pull in immediately, so that I have no safe following distance.

Or, if I have left following distance in heavy traffic, you assume my following distance is your opening.  When you slip in there, thus allowing me .25 seconds for my vehicle to come to a full stop at highway speeds should you need to stop, you defy the laws of physics.

I promise, when I run into you, your vehicle will not reform in 3 seconds and continue happily down the track while Yoshi and Mario pass by.

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